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Engineering Plans


This is my Project Page highlighting a few of the projects I worked on. I take pride in having been able to complete them and keep some of the learnings. Although these are very different from each other and deal with different aspects of Mechanical / Electrical / Computer Science engineering and Mathematics, with each I learned a little more about the importance of systematic decision-making and how to approach a brand-new problem with 0 background. Happy to share. 

Green hotelling 2.png

In this project, I predict the energy consumption when the driver is resting in their Class 8 Sleeper Cab. I use physics-based modeling to predict the HVAC load and Machine learning to predict energy usage from in-cab utilities.  This was a part of the US-DOE SuperTruckII program with PACCAR.

In this project, with my 3 friends, I built a suspension damper for a mid-segment economy car in India. This damper uses a non-Newtonian fluid instead of the regular damper fluid to provide a comfortable ride through speed breakers AND hard cornering ability by changing its stiffness at command.

Smart damper 7.png


Self Learning Engine Cooling

In this project, along with my teammate, I used reinforcement learning on the engine cooling management system. This allows the engine to operate at the right temperatures while optimizing energy consumption without having apriori information. 


Will the truck trip?

In this project, I studied the vehicle dynamics of an AASHTO WB62 tractor-trailer to calculate the off-tracking in 2 different test scenarios. Looking into a constant velocity, constant radius turn, and single and double lane change maneuver I was finding what speed the truck would topple.

Screenshot 2023-06-17 164257_edited.jpg


Truck. Payload. Smash

I got to live every man's dream of colliding two trucks head-on. But I could only afford cheap thrills by doing it in simulation. This project got us the answer to a real-life incident: Why the payload on a class 6 truck carrying CNG cylinders toppled during a crash? 


Battery Management System

While this project was part of a course at my graduate school and with a ton of support from the Professor, the amount of learning from this made me dedicate a tile to it. It covers a full battery cycle; from discharging to charging by CC CV and then cell balancing.

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