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WB-62 Vehicle Dynamics

With the growing economy, there has been a tremendous rise in demand for transportation systems throughout the globe. While cargo ships, planes, and trains are used for connecting continents and countries, road transportation is the popular choice for short distances and interstate transport. With the rise in demand, tremendous numbers of trucks are added every year. Technology these days enables us to transport goods starting from agricultural stock to cars and to large structures used in construction using larger and heavier trucks. In this report, the author has studied the dynamics of an AASHTO WB-62 Tractor-semitrailer. Two types of tests were studied, viz., Steering test - Constant Speed Constant Radius Test and Handling test - Double Lane Change (as described in ISO-3888 Part-2) using a number of simulations on TruckSim software. Appropriate conclusions were drawn from the obtained results



Project Report

IITM cover Report.png

Image Gallery 

Ackerman Steering Angle
Constant Radius Constant Speed Offtracking
Gear Selection
Double Lane Change Maneuver
Double Lane Change Truck Left and Right Wheel Steering
Off Tracking and toppling
Toppling Truck
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