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"A resume should be 1 page long and should only capture the latest". 


Not everything can be captured in 1 page, hence this section is dedicated to getting into the weeds of my academic and professional career and allowing me to talk in a little more detail about the projects and my education.


Please find my focused resume on the 'Download CV' button below.  

I got excited about becoming an engineer from the 8th grade in school. My tutor from that time was responsible for igniting the spark in me about a four-stroke engine (Otto cycle) even before I completely understood 'pressure'.

As I am growing into becoming an engineer, I realize that more than understanding the physics and deep root operation of any system, it is really the ability to maintain an analytical and structured thought process, that is the true identifier of an engineer. 




The Ohio State University

I wanted to get a master's at least since my second year of undergrad but clarity only came in my last year of undergrad when I discovered a field of study called controls which was a great decision. Being involved at CAR, OSU, which is among the greatest contributors to hybrid vehicle controls and optimization, helped me grow my analytical mindset along with the confidence to dig deeper into any concept or any subject matter and understand it to its core. 


Delhi Technological University

I was everywhere in my undergrad. I tried a lot of things and as a byproduct, I got to explore my interests. I tried a lot of things ranging from being involved in a student car project (SAE - Super Mileage Vehicle), leadership for the university dance society, and individual and group research projects in different disciplines within mechanical engineering. In my final year, when I built a smart damper with my friends, I found a field of study called controls which pushed me further to learn about it in my master's.




Paccar Technical Center

Jan 2023 - Current

Feet Connectivity Engineer


I am part of the Department of Energy - SuperTruck3 program, working on establishing connectivity between trucks and the base center as well as working on features that would use connected truck data to improve freight efficiency and total cost of ownership.


Aug 2021 - Dec 2022

Graduate Research Assistant


After a successful internship at CAR, I was promoted to this position and got the chance to work on the Department of Energy - SuperTruckII project. I built a collection of algorithms that predicted the cooling loads on a class 8 sleeper truck during hoteling. I created a modular approach for it to be scaled for the times outside hotelling for future use. 

Design Center Lab | DTU

June 2019 - October 2021

Reasearch Assistant


This was my first opportunity to take independant decisions on a industry project. I was analyzing the reason behind the toppling of a CNG cascade rig from a class 6 truck during a head on collision event. I found the importance of the right sized bolts and the difference addition of washers can bring. 

Paccar Technical Center

Summer 2022

Advanced Powertrain Controls Engineer


This internship gave me a chance to learn and implement the models that I built as a GRA at CAR, OSU on a physical controller at PACCAR. I gained some experience working with industry level simulink models and implementing them on raptor controllers. I got a whole lot exposure into the electrical architecture and harness setup for truck systems,


Summer 2021

Research Intern


This internship was a part probation period towards getting the opportunity to work as a Graduate Research Assistant at CAR. I took over work from a student who had graduated and worked on developing a Simulink model for the HVAC system of a truck cooling and heating system. 

Design Center Lab | IIT Madras

Summer 2018

Reasearch Assistant


This intenship was focused towards understanding the vehicle dynamics of a WB-62 truck. I analysed 2 types of maneuvers - constance speed and constant radius; and double lane change maneuvers. I wrote a MATLAB script to calculate the offtrackign in each case and identify the thresholds. 

Progressive Autoserve

Summer 2017

Trainee Mechanic


I worked at 2 different bus depots. I got to learn about the TATA marcopolo 1623 low floor CNG busses. I worked with the Mechanics on the short daily service and the long yearly service for these busses that run in public transport. 




Developed a component-level physics-based model on MATLAB SIMULINK for the powertrain cooling system, HVAC system, and vehicle cabin to estimate dynamic power load. Achieved an improvement of 35% & 70% in the temperature estimation model for the heating and cooling phase.

Developed driver behavior model with 90% accuracy for auxiliary load prediction during the hoteling period using Machine Learning.

Developed a powertrain cooling system model with ODEs calibrated against test data.

Studied the effects of dynamic auxiliary load profile on optimal fuel consumption & battery SOC trajectories using optimal control (DP)

Community Conscious Smart School Bus System | Graduate Research Associate


Developed a system-level model for an electrified powertrain for energy analysis and route optimization.

Performed empirical energy analysis for battery power consumption of e-bus for vehicle heat up during pre-duty charging.

Managed a new intern in the project to develop a multi-zone cabin model.


Proposed a novel design for an MR damper through 3D modeling and magnetostatics simulations on ANSYS Maxwell for design optimization.

Developed a cheaper alternative for industry-level MR fluid at the home lab.

Fabricated the damper according to the new design

Dynamic Analysis of a Tractror-Semitrailer

IIT Madras

Studied the off-tracking between the leading and the last axle on an AASHTO WB-62 Tractor Trailor configuration with a conventional fifth-wheel design.  

Simulated a zero speed off tracking to represent a steady state condition. 

Designed 2 tests based on ISO standards for 1) constant speed constant radius turn, and 2) single and double lane change maneuver. 

Wrote a MATLAB script to get the relevant angles and forces for different wheels from the simulation on TruckSim to calculate the off-tracking and identify tip-over points. 

Powertrain Cooling System Management with Reinforcement Learning in Heavy Duty Vehicle


Developed optimal control algorithm using Reinforcement learning for powertrain cooling performance of a heavy-duty truck.

Analyzed and compared Monte Carlo and 2-step temporal differencing methods

Modelling a Micro Gas Turbine (MGT)


Built a dynamic model of an MGT with a compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine for distributed power generation. Simulated the system performance when connected to power demand. Designed a feedback controller (PID) to stabilize the shaft speed.

Engine Idle Speed control


Explored 3 different control strategies: PID, Integral control, LQR for vehicle idle speed controller during stops on MATLAB Simulink.

Performed state estimation using Kalman Filter using MATLAB Simulink toolbox.

Passive BMS on a Li ion Battery pack (Battery Management System)


Built an algorithm to estimate the power limits. Implemented rule based thermal management control. Implemented charging control based on CC-CV protocol. Demonstrated passive balancing on one cell in the pack

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